Losing weight comes with a lot of sacrifices, isn’t it? Giving up on your favourite food, exercising hard is unavoidable when you’re on that journey to knock off those extra kilos. And we know exactly what you go through in this phase of keeping yourself away from what you love the most! And if you’re a foodie, giving up on those delicacies is next to impossible! So to all such people, we hear you – which is why we have come up with food substitutes which will help you satisfy your cravings and at the same time keep you fit!

Flavoured Oatmeal with Unflavoured oatmeal:

We all know and agree to the fact that oatmeal is a healthy food option. But the ready to make ones that are flavoured are actually loaded with extra calories. So instead of that, you can opt for regular, unflavoured oats which you can add a twist as per your taste! You can make spice up the boring oatmeal with a few chopped nuts, roasted seeds or a drizzle of honey (slight please!)

Cheese with veggies:

While I’m not in favour of replacing whole eggs with only egg whites, you can always spruce up your omelettes with the right ingredients! Replace that grated cheese that you layer your omelette with and add some healthy veggies instead. You can easily opt for vegetables of your choice, but broccoli, mushrooms, any leafy vegetables are great accompaniments to your omelettes. Apart from tasting heavenly, they’re high on nutrition, low on calories and will keep you full for a longer time!

Refined flour with Whole-grain flour:


You should swap this right away! Whole grain flour tastes great and if possible, you must try and make it a part of everything you eat. Whole grain bread, baked chips and cookies and other delicacies that are prepared with whole-grain flour. Ditch refined flour and see the difference yourself!

Fried chips with pop corn:

Pop corn is a perfect solution for all your hunger cravings! And they’re a lot healthier than fried chips! Make sure you don’t flavour it though! Go with classic popcorn and put to rest all those untimely cravings. Fried chips contain uneccesary flavour and oil which add up on those calories. Replace them healthy popcorn and chomp away!

Supermarket chocolate bars with homemade chocolate bars:

being on a diet doesn’t mean you won’t have chocolate cravings, right? For those times when you have to have your dose of chocolate, don’t run to the store to get a box of Ferrero Rocher or a bar of Snickers! Add a few dryfruits and a chocolate chips (preferably dark chocolate) and make your homemade bar of chocolate to snack upon when you have those chocolate cravings!

Hope we helped! Happy dieting!