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How to Join Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

There are a great number and wide range of recorded crimes in New South Wales each year, many of which culminate in court proceedings and the employment of criminal lawyers in Sydney. Unfortunately, there will always be crime. And where there is crime, there is a...


How To Know If IT Internships Are Right For You

For many young professionals eager to score a role for a reputable organisation, there will be a number of options on the table.

Some may involve sacrifice, from travel to time pressures or financial commitments, the equation is rarely simple and straightforward.

One of those options that could present itself is by taking IT internships, the first phase of a long and illustrious career in the world of Information Technology.

Companies and institutions all around Australia and the globe are on the hunt for skilled operators in this diverse field, but it can be difficult for applicants to understand if this is the right calling for them at the right time.

Here we will discuss a series of the most prevalent discussion points that will let you know if interning in this sector is suitable for your future career.


How Much Do You Value Job Security and Financial Earning Power?

Before we delve into the thinking behind IT internships and whether or not they are your ideal starting point, we need to identify two driving forces that defines why people register into these programs in the first phase. It revolves around job security and financial earning power, two elements that sit at the forefront of young interns heading into the world of information technology.

Each and every business sector requires some form of IT to remain open and viable, a facet that is not all that common for many practices in the commercial sphere. This is where the security comes into play because even in the event that one employer ceases a working relationship with you as a professional, multiple other doors are waiting to be opened. The other incentive in this field is the earning power, with Australian industry standards seeing the average IT worker earning between $80,000 to $85,000 per annum.


Can You Commit To The Role?

There are inherent commitments with IT internships that a straightforward full-time role does not have. Without the paycheck of a full-time employee in many instances, you will be required to undertake clerical tasks as you involve yourself in an education to begin with. There is a degree of humility that is evident in these circumstances and it requires an understanding and appreciation of your place in an IT department to start the process of earning a reputation that is valued.

hands on keyboard while coding


Do You Need Industry Contacts?

One of the tangible advantages of signing up to IT internships is that no matter how you perform or how well you adapt to the surroundings, you will open up a contact book of professionals and peers who you can call upon. From commercial clients to executives and members of the hierarchy, every young IT consultant or engineer needs a sounding board to bounce off ideas and to gain momentum as they make career decisions. You would be amazed how far you can progress simply through opening a dialogue with colleagues.


Is Work Flexibility A Major Incentive?

The joy of IT internships is that the practice is varied. From working at a team office centre to operating out of a home office to transporting across the country or overseas to different clients, the description of IT work is a spectrum. There are some roles where individuals feel tied to a desk, but with IT there is a whole world out there where sightseeing, travel and exploration is part and parcel of the job. Consider how much the need for work flexibility is for you.


How Does Your Resume Currently Look?

Young professionals who are emerging from a University course could hold a cynical view of IT internships, but there is no question that employers prefer to read over a resume that has real life experience to compliment theoretical knowledge rather than the qualifications in isolation. To beef up your resume and to have references that can vouch for your expertise and application, an internship from a certified consultancy can genuinely drive your career forward with positive momentum.


Do You Have Other Career Passions?

Expecting a teenager or young 20-something to decide upon their career trajectory for the next 30-40 years is a pressure that many can do without. There is no need to register with IT internships if you believe you have not explored other passions and skills that you feel are more applicable. Once you are settled and assured in your mind that Information Technology can provide the long lasting benefits that other professions cannot, then the path to success and longevity becomes clear.



Should Information Technology be a profession that is appealing to your skills and interests as a career choice, then IT internships operate as an ideal gateway to earning a foothold in the industry. View this program as a starting point to an adventure, because IT will evolve and innovate as well as any other commercial or public sector in the world.

Who knows, maybe it will be you driving the change.


How to Join Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

There are a great number and wide range of recorded crimes in New South Wales each year, many of which culminate in court proceedings and the employment of criminal lawyers in Sydney.

Unfortunately, there will always be crime. And where there is crime, there is a demand for legal objectivity, expertise and experience.

The benefits of forging a career as a legal practitioner alongside other criminal lawyers in Sydney to supply for this demand are profuse, and it is certainly a smart and sustainable career option worthy of consideration.

The role of a legal practitioner takes great skill and is very important to the functioning of society. There is a lot of work involved, but the benefits are substantial and proportional to effort put in.

If you are considering joining criminal lawyers in Sydney, then there are a number of steps to complete before you can evolve into a fully-flourished convincing legal whizz. Or, if you’ve watched so much Breaking Bad and you now idolize Saul Goodman, these steps will also help you decide if you want to take this interest to a more formal and serious level.


Make certain of your aspiration

First and foremost, it is paramount to decide if you would like to have a career in the legal industry. Wanting to be Saul Goodman is a natural impulsive reaction felt by anyone who has watched the televised rise of the smooth talking fictional character; but don’t let this be the reason you sign yourself up for a similar career. Instead, let’s consider this career option on a more serious level.

If you like working with people; if arguing and debating is your passion; if you always seek truth, ethics and justice; if understanding reasons behind human behavior interests you; and if you want to contribute meaningfully to society by upholding its rules and striving for justice, then a career alongside criminal lawyers in Sydney could be for you.

In case you are still on the fence, considering the benefits of a career in the legal world can help consolidate your view. Firstly, criminal lawyers in Sydney have a lot of prestige and most earn higher salaries than the national average. Moreover, given that there will always be a need for people in positions of legal authority and that there are a wealth of potential employers in this field, investments during the process of working towards achieving legal qualifications are overshadowed when the potential duration of a resulting career is considered. Literally, you could be one of the active criminal lawyers in Sydney for the rest of your working life.

By now you should have a clear idea of the importance of criminal lawyers in Sydney, the benefits they receive and reasons why it would be a smart and sustainable career choice.

If that has been enough to tempt you, or perhaps you were already tempted, into considering this career, then below is how you can realise your aspiration. Warning: this career path requires a large dose of time and financial capital. It is important to be aware of this before making the commitment; but the old adage of good things come to those who work hard is reflected in the benefits of a career in the legal realm.


Go to university

Go through the socially and intellectually challenging venture that is university to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Law, which will give you a comprehensive grounding in the theoretical dimension of the subject.

Now, university is a big commitment. It will involve a lot of reading, endless days and nights, perhaps even sleepovers, in the library; so it is worth thinking deeply about before making a commitment.

You can’t skip this step, either; a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to qualify for Practical Legal Training – which brings us to the next lily pad.


Practical Legal Training

More studying – I told you the route to becoming a legal practitioner is a long and meandering road. Once you’ve busted a gut for a few years at university – meanwhile hopefully having the best time of your life – to get your Bachelor degree, you then need to go to Law School to complete the Practical Legal Training (PLT) program. This course will give you the more practical skills required of a career alongside criminal lawyers in Sydney.

It’s important to note that once graduated from university, you have 5 years to complete a PLT otherwise it won’t be recognized. Don’t let all that studying gain no recognition!


Stand out from the crowd

Bachelor’s degrees can seem like they grow on trees because so many more graduates have them today than in the past due to the rising number of university admissions. Furthermore, the graduate market is densely populated, with more qualified people than companies offering jobs.

Graduating from university and PLT will not guarantee you your desired job anymore, unfortunately, as the sobering stories of many have revealed.

Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to establish distance between you and the competition – in a good way.

Independently arranging and undertaking an internship with criminal lawyers in Sydney is one such way that you can do this. It highlights your passion for the role and can help you decide which firm you would like to work for in the future.


Fit and Proper

The final hurdle to clear before you can officially join criminal lawyers in Sydney is to do with ethics. You need to be deemed a fit and proper person for the role (i.e. of good moral character) by the Legal Profession Admission Board.  This involves disclosing any type of misconduct that could affect judgements of properness.






What to Consider Before Choosing your Rubbish Removal Provider

Rubbish removal providers are a great choice over skip bins, as they provide the labour and equipment necessary to make it an easy job done. Furthermore, these services are often more eco-friendly than skip bins as they actively try to find methods to repurpose, recycle, and reuse the materials you wish to dispose.

When choosing your provider, there are a number of factors that you should consider. You want the job to be quick and painless, so choosing someone who you trust with the task is essential.

In order to have a hassle-free experience, doing your research will pay off. Consider the following factors before settling on a final decision!



Sourcing rubbish removal from a company that is experienced will often give you a better result. This is because they would have had time to hone their process and likely have a better understanding of how to dispose of trash ethically.

There are numerous places to dump different materials, along with different methods used in order to re-purpose materials in dumped goods. Accordingly, you should look for a firm that looks like they have plenty of experience in the field.




The affordability of the job is also another consideration. While you definitely shouldn’t completely consider price over quality, if you are on a budget, this isn’t something you should ignore.

The important factors will vary person to person, so just think about what you value in your rubbish removal experience. Many places will provide an obligation-free quote so you can use that as a comparison!

Rubbish removal providers are a great choice because they allow you to save a lot of time. If you choose the right one, you’ll be able to save on money as well as getting a quality service.



Having a good level of communication with your rubbish removal provider is essential. This ensures that they deliver a service that you are happy with, and that you are on the same page.

Easy communication makes a job so much easier. You can get a sense of how they communicate with you by your initial enquiry and how fast they respond. If they seem to be slow in responding to calls or messages, chances are, it might be frustrating trying to work with them.


Customer service

You’re paying for a service after all, so you should expect that the people you work with are pleasant to talk to. Hiring people who make you feel at ease and are comfortable to talk to can be important, especially if they are going to be working in your home.

No matter what kind of task it is, having a friendly team makes things better, without a doubt. Additionally, hiring people who are willing and strive to deliver good service is important.

This can make all the difference when hiring someone to complete rubbish removal for you.


Services offered

Different rubbish removal companies will offer different services, so you should have a look at their website and see what they offer before giving them a call. Make sure that the type of waste you want to get rid of can be disposed of by the company.

Whether it’s green waste, residential garbage, or commercial junk, check that your service can handle it for you.

You should also check with them about how they repurpose or reuse certain materials. This way, you can make sure that the trash you are tossing away finds another purpose and isn’t just going straight to waste.

Outsourcing your rubbish removal is a great way to save time, effort, and ensure that the job is done easily and with little environmental impact!

Why You Should Consider Online Wedding Invitations Design

Online wedding invitations designs are becoming more popular, as the range of options available continues to expand. While traditionally, the bride and groom would sit down in a physical store to choose out their designs, this is becoming less and less the case.

There are many factors which contribute to the appeal of online wedding invitations design. It is a great idea to consider, especially if you’re short for time or don’t really know what you want.

With so many options to choose from, online wedding invitations are a great place to start when generating ideas for your theme and vibe. Here are some reasons why you should look into this method for design!


Easy and complete

Online wedding invitations templates have everything done and wrapped up in a neat design. If you don’t have an extremely specific idea of what you would like, they are a great option!

If both you and your partner are extremely indecisive, having a template can make it much easier to pick a final choice. There is still the option to customize some aspects of online wedding invitations templates, so keep that in mind while considering your options!

Many websites now use independent designers to create templates, so the quality of such designs is supported by local artistic talent. And you can do the entire process from your home!



Online wedding invitations templates are definitely customisable and you can change colour schemes to fit whatever vibe and tone you and your partner want to get across.

You can choose different types of paper, fonts, and theme designs to create the look that is perfect for your special occasion. You can also alter shape, design elements, or even start from scratch if you don’t like any templates available.

Online wedding invitations design has evolved drastically due to the extent of web communication technology. You’ll be able to create the perfect invite without even leaving your home!


online desining


Time efficient

Because the whole process will take place through a website, it will be extremely time efficient for you and your partner. You won’t have to book an appointment or even leave the house to get started on the process.

You can choose to do it in your free time, and consequently it will make it much easier for you and your partner to get through the process. Samples can be shipped straight to your house so you can evaluate which options you like the best, and then you can simply place an order!


Cost efficient

Because you are going through the process via a website and may be choosing from pre-designed templates, it is likely that this will be a lot more cost efficient than other avenues.

Businesses which focus on online wedding invitations services do not have to worry about overhead costs associated with a brick-and-mortar store.

It is also a lot easier to compare prices on the internet as opposing to opting for a physical boutique experience. This help to you save a significant amount of money, and when you’re planning a wedding, every bit helps!


Fulfil your vision

You may be reluctant to take this route because you want a unique design that won’t be replicated by anyone else, or you are set on a specific vision of your cards.

Designing them on the internet isn’t mutually exclusive from such factors. With a range of customizable aspects and the ability to chat with local designers about your vision, web businesses are able to provide such benefits. It could even be much faster and easier to see the results of your design choices!

Five Situations Where You Can Use a Doctor on Demand

With technology advancing, more and more industries are changing, harnessing the power of new inventions to become more efficient and effective. One example of this is the healthcare industry. Traditionally, you would have to wait long hours to see a doctor.

Today, there are online booking systems which make the process faster, or even better – online services which provide a doctor on demand. While these technologies cannot fully replace seeing a general practitioner face-to-face, in some situations, it’s the perfect time-efficient solution.

By connecting you to a general practitioner through video call, this service has the potential to make a world of difference when it comes to referrals and treatments. Keep reading to find out some key situations where getting doctor on demand is extremely helpful!


Getting a prescription

Traditionally, you would have to schedule in an appointment at the health centre and attend physically before getting a prescription and being able to pick it up at your local pharmacy.

By using a doctor on demand service, you can get an ePrescription without even leaving your house! This speeds up the process significantly. Whether you need a new prescription or want one renewed, this can be done over video call so that you can head straight to the pharmacy.


Obtaining a referral

Needing a referral for a specialist is another situation where a doctor on demand service comes in incredibly useful. Instead of having to go to the health centre simply to be referred to another location for specialist, you may be able to get a specialist referral from the comfort of your home.

Whether it’s a pathology request or a radiology request, your doctor on demand can simply refer you to another centre so that you can head straight there to do your tests.

This is also helpful if you are concerned about STDs and your sexual health, as your doctor can point you towards a clinic that can help to test you.

Doctor Checking Patient's Blood Pressure


Medical certificate

If you’re feeling unwell and know that rest is necessary to recover, but need a medical certificate to present to work, this doctor on demand service is perfect.

By using video calling technology, your doctor can check up on you and provide you with an electronic certificate so that you can rest comfortably. This is beneficial to your recovery as being forced to get out of bed and drive or commute to your nearest centre is simply inefficient and prevents you from resting.

You’ll get the advice you need about what to avoid and what to eat from the comfort of your home. This significantly reduces the trouble you need to go through.


Quick advice

If you’re looking for reliable and quick medical advice, calling a doctor on demand may be your best bet. Especially if it is late at night or your closest GPs have appointments booked out.

With booking systems coming in, it can be hard to secure an appointment at a nearby hour. If you really feel as if you need medical advice, calling a doctor on demand is a good option. However, if it is an emergency, you should definitely call emergency services!

If you just want some quick advice for reassurance or a mild sickness, this service is a great choice. You won’t have to leave your house and you’ll be matched with a general practitioner who can help you out.

You would normally have to physically travel to a general practitioner to obtain referrals and certificates, but the invention of new technologies can changed that. Such initiatives take the strain off traditional medical centres and help the health system!

How a Busy Light Can Make You More Productive

Studies have found that office workers are interrupted on average every 3 minutes. This adds up to around 2.1 hours of wasted time daily! If you’re sick of constantly being caught off guard by your co-workers and find that you can’t seem to focus on a task for very long, a busy light may be just what you need.


What is a busy light?

It’s essentially a lamp that can change colours to let the people around you know when you’re available or don’t want to be disturbed. It can come in many forms; on a nameplate, a power board, a headset, or a wireless lamp.

It kind of works similarly to a traffic light. When you’re free to chat, you simply switch the busy light to green. When you’re on a phone call, you turn it to red. When you’re working on a project and are deep in the zone, you can let people know not to disturb you by switching it to purple.


busy light


What are its benefits?

The busy light comes with a range of advantages that have been recognised globally in the form of many positive reviews.


Decreases interruptions, increases productivity

When you’re in the flow state, the last thing you want is for your co-worker to interrupt you with a remark about the weather. Even the fear that you’re going to be interrupted can make you less focused! There are so many different forms of interruptions and the majority of them just aren’t important, or aren’t as important as getting your work done.

A busy light takes some of the stress out of working by reducing the likelihood of being interrupted. This means you can relax and have confidence that you’ll get your work done in time. By allowing your co-workers to immediately see whether you’re occupied or not, you can eliminate pesky interruptions and become so much more productive!


Let people know when you’re free to talk

If you work for a company where you’re frequently making business calls using a headset, it may be difficult to tell when your colleagues are busy on a call or are simply just wearing their headset. A busy light can help make your co-workers’ statuses more obvious. With a single flash of colour, you can indicate whether you’re free or not. Too easy!


Yield better customer service

Not only can a lamp improve the productivity and happiness of you and your colleagues, but it can also help create a better experience for your clients. Having a call interrupted by a staff member can make a customer feel unimportant and may even make them less likely to continue with the call and potential purchase. This can jeopardize both present and future relationships with your clients. Having a lamp can reduce the likelihood of this occurring and ensure that you and your colleagues remain focused on giving your full attention to the client at hand.


Improves office accessibility

The lamp can also benefit workers who have hearing or visual impairments. This is achieved by using clear, easy-to-interpret colours for increased accessibility and visibility.


Incoming and missed call alerts

Status colours and sound tones can be set to let you know when you have missed a call or message. This is convenient as it helps to prevent calls and messages slipping through the cracks, which can cause frustrations for you, your colleagues and your clients.



The busy light comes with a range of benefits for increasing productivity, accessibility and wellbeing in the office. To maximise your workspace, consider investing in them.




Why Professional Rubbish Removal in Sydney Can Help with a Yearly Spring Clean

For many people out there, they love nothing more than the change of seasons. In Winter, people get to put on warm socks and can curl up by the fire with a hot drink. In Summer, people can spend plenty of time outdoors and can even take a dip in the ocean.

In Autumn, people can begin to wind down from the warmer months and in Spring people can begin to re-emerge from their hibernation. Whatever the season may be, there are plenty of benefits that can be enjoyed. For instance, many people look forward to an annual house clean when Spring comes around.

While there are many benefits to this, many people have become busier and will struggle to find the time to do this. Furthermore, people may struggle to get rid of the heavy items that they have discovered that they want to get rid of. On top of all of this, things have become a great deal cheaper than they used to be which means that people are buying way more things than they used to.

The good news is that people are able to look into rubbish removal in Sydney so that they can get the support they need when it comes to their yearly Spring clean. This article will also explore the topic further.


garbage can


A professional rubbish removal company in Sydney can take care of the items that cannot be given away

For many people out there, they don’t like to get rid of too many things as they don’t want to contribute to landfill. They understand that greenhouse gasses are a real problem and so will like to instead give away their old possessions. The only problem with this is the fact that people will sometimes have items that are beyond repair and that they will need to throw away.

When this is the case, the company that offers professional rubbish removal in Sydney can come to the home and can easily take the unwanted items away. In addition to this, people can have peace of mind because the company will dispose of the items ethically. This means that what can be recycled will be and anything with chemicals will be disposed of correctly so that it doesn’t impact the environment.



If anyone is ever worried about what is going to happen with their trash, they can easily chat to the company that offers the professional rubbish removal in Sydney to find out more.


Professional rubbish removal in Sydney can help those who are on a tight schedule

Another great thing about finding a company that offers professional rubbish removal in Sydney is that it can help those who are on a tight time schedule. More and more people these days will work for longer hours and it is not all too common that both parents have to work just to make ends meet. This means that house duties can often fall by the wayside.

But even when people are busy, it doesn’t mean that they should miss out on all of the benefits that come along with having a clearer and clutter-free home. Furthermore, Spring is a time for clearing and for fresh starts. As this is the case, it can be a wise move to find a business that offers professional rubbish removal in Sydney.

There are all sorts of solutions that they are able to offer and they are able to help people feel calm and in control once again. Furthermore, people get to enjoy their home much more when all of their excess junk is gone.

4 Weird Facts About Orthodontics

In a lifetime, you only get one set of adult teeth, so it is really important to look after them. However, in this day and age, it isn’t enough to just have healthy teeth, it’s also about the aesthetic. One of the first things people notice about you is your smile, so this is why many people decide to get the best braces in Hawkesbury. Although it can be a long process, the rewards are certainly worth the wait. Interestingly, not all braces in Hawkesbury do the same thing; it’s possible to get braces to straighten teeth, close gaps, or create space. So how much do you really know about orthodontics? Well, you’re about to find out a lot more after reading these weird facts!


Fact 1: Orthodontics Has Been Around for Over 3 Century’s

Although braces in Hawkesbury haven’t been around for hundreds of years, orthodontics as a medical profession has. Pierre Fauchard, a French physician, is known as the father of modern dentistry and in 1728 he made the first set of braces. These were obviously not as advanced as the braces in Hawkesbury we are all used to, but they were certainly a good start; they were made of metal, as they are today, but in 1728 a flat, thin sheet of metal was connected to the teeth of the patient by thread.


Fact 2: Gold Was Used in Dentistry

Hundreds of years ago there was less knowledge about the properties of metals, and there were less options available, so dentists had to make do with what they could get their hands on. Today, gold is usually reserved for jewelry, but back in 1915, when the first brackets were made to attach devices onto teeth, the best option was in fact either 14 or 18 karat gold. Edward Angle found that gold was the best material to use because it is malleable, so it was easy to bend and therefore attach onto the teeth of patients. It was also during this time period that, with the help of new brackets, advancements were made and fixing tooth alignment became more effective.


Fact 3: NASA Invented the Wire Now Used in Orthodontics

Most of us just go to the dentist and get our braces in Hawkesbury put on, without actually thinking where the materials came from. However, the history of the wire used in orthodontics is quite interesting, as it was actually invented by NASA. After 1915 dentistry had improved, but gold was simply too expensive, so it was clear a new material was needed, finding this material was harder than you’d think though. But in 1959 NASA developed nickel titanium, which was found to be perfect for making thin, flexible wire. This was an obvious choice for orthodontists, as it was easy to mold to the wearers teeth, whilst still holding its shape.


Fact 4: Egyptians Are to Blame for Our Obsession with Straight Teeth

A common misconception is that wanting perfectly straight teeth is a modern beauty standard. Some people might be aware that in the 18th century, the French placed a high importance on their appearance, and in particular their teeth. However, the desire for perfect teeth came about long before even this, and as far back as ancient Egypt. How do we know this? Well, some mummies have been found with, what archaeologists believe to be, intestines wrapped around their teeth. No one knows for certain, but this appears to be a very early way of attempting to straighten teeth. The Egyptians may not have been able to get braces in Hawkesbury, but they were clearly innovative and creative.




The differences between PPC and SEO that you need to know

When you are starting your digital marketing campaign you will quickly become aware of the terms pay-per-click and search engine optimisation. Both come with their own set of merits and disadvantages and you will have to compare these to what you want to achieve through your campaign.

Ultimately digital marketing campaigns come down to your budget and what you plan to achieve for developing this campaign. Below are the key differences that you need to know between PPC and SEO Australia before you start your digital marketing campaign.

What each method actually does

For a lot of new small business owners they may be completely unaware of what SEO and PPC actually are. To summarise thousands of articles from so called “experts”, SEO is the method of increasing your Google ranking through the optimisation of your website. This is a long process that essentially boosts the worth of your website as your campaign continues to develop.

PPC on the other hand is a short term investment that is essentially adverts for your website. They appear on the top and bottom of the Google and other search engine results page. The payment of your adverts depends on the competitiveness of the search terms you choose and how many people click on them.

As previously mentioned, what you want to do with your campaign and the budget you have will essentially determine what method you choose to use.

Time for results

A big factor that you need to consider with your digital marketing campaign is how quickly you want results to come through. Additionally the time that it takes for your results to come through may affect the quality of your leads and will determine what your long term goals are.

Search engine optimisation is not a short term fix for your business but rather a long term investment. SEO doesn’t have an exact time frame for when results are meant to come in but the general consensus is that you will start to see improvements after 3 months. If you are promoting an event within the next couple of weeks, SEO is not the most effective measure that you can utilise.

PPC methods are instant and can go live to the top of the results page immediately. The downside to this is that while it may be a short term fix, it can avoid underlying issues for your business and can be quite expensive depending on what search terms you are using.

Linking to your website

Both methods essentially bring searchers to specific pages of your website. SEO is very effective for bringing visitors to your home page as it can cover multiple search terms relevant to your business and industry. PPC requires a more specific page to visit as the ads only show for specific terms.

But in saying that you can also get your specific landing pages appear through SEO. This is effective if your business operates in multiple locations as you can optimise it to appear for suburb searches. An example would be a plumbing service in Sydney that has a wide area that they can service. Search terms such as Plumber Sydney, Plumber North Sydney etc. could all be utilised.

Five common diseases in India that the rest of the world considers rare

There are diseases found in India that the outside world considers rare to contract. These diseases are often severe and life-threatening. A worrying statistic by The Organization for Rare Diseases suggests that one in every twenty Indian patients suffer a rare disease in some part of their lives. The problem with rare diseases is that the cure to many of these is unknown or merely undiagnosed.

Here are five diseases in India that aren’t common elsewhere


Thalassemia is a disease that affects the blood. It reduces the production of haemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen in the blood. Thalassemia in people will result in them feeling anaemic, which results in tiredness and pale skin. Symptoms of Thalassemia include continuous bleeding that wouldn’t stop, easy bruising, stiff or painful joints, and blood in stool or urine.

Thalassemia is usually inherited from a parent, and hence, it can be termed as a genetic disorder. People suffering from Thalassemia may have to transfuse blood regularly.

In India, awareness programs have been conducted to promote premarital screening to detect thalassemia.

Sickle Cell Disease

Another disease that can be inherited from a parent, sickle cell disease commonly affects the haemoglobin to form a sickle-shaped cell in the blood vessel. This disease causes many other diseases as well such as bacterial infections, anaemia or even stroke.

Sickle cell disease can be found in children as young as five months old. This drastically decreases the life expectancy as well.



Haemophilia affects clotting of the blood and is seen more in males. A genetic disorder that is most commonly inherited, haemophilia affects people by being able to easily hurt themselves by bruising, bleeding profusely and a higher risk of bleeding inside the brain.

There are rare cases of the disease where haemophilia can occur during a young or old age because of the clotting factor developing antibodies working against it.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs, kidneys, liver and the pancreas. This is also a genetic disorder. This disease mainly causes breathing difficulty in the long run and also opens your lung to deadly infections due to the frequent buildup of mucus.

Cystic Fibrosis has no known cure, but treatment for the lungs have been developed which are through antibiotics. These antibiotics are either inhaled or given orally.

Pompe Disease

A disease that occurs due to the body’s inability to synthesise a protein that is needed to break glycogen down, Pompe disease, also known as glycogen storage disease type II affects the muscle and causes breathing troubles. It is common among African American and Asian groups.

Pompe disease is also responsible for the damage of nerve cells in the body. This is because of the accumulation of glycogen


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