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The differences between PPC and SEO that you need to know

When you are starting your digital marketing campaign you will quickly become aware of the terms pay-per-click and search engine optimisation. Both come with their own set of merits and disadvantages and you will have to compare these to what you want to achieve through your campaign.

Ultimately digital marketing campaigns come down to your budget and what you plan to achieve for developing this campaign. Below are the key differences that you need to know between PPC and SEO Australia before you start your digital marketing campaign.

What each method actually does

For a lot of new small business owners they may be completely unaware of what SEO and PPC actually are. To summarise thousands of articles from so called “experts”, SEO is the method of increasing your Google ranking through the optimisation of your website. This is a long process that essentially boosts the worth of your website as your campaign continues to develop.

PPC on the other hand is a short term investment that is essentially adverts for your website. They appear on the top and bottom of the Google and other search engine results page. The payment of your adverts depends on the competitiveness of the search terms you choose and how many people click on them.

As previously mentioned, what you want to do with your campaign and the budget you have will essentially determine what method you choose to use.

Time for results

A big factor that you need to consider with your digital marketing campaign is how quickly you want results to come through. Additionally the time that it takes for your results to come through may affect the quality of your leads and will determine what your long term goals are.

Search engine optimisation is not a short term fix for your business but rather a long term investment. SEO doesn’t have an exact time frame for when results are meant to come in but the general consensus is that you will start to see improvements after 3 months. If you are promoting an event within the next couple of weeks, SEO is not the most effective measure that you can utilise.

PPC methods are instant and can go live to the top of the results page immediately. The downside to this is that while it may be a short term fix, it can avoid underlying issues for your business and can be quite expensive depending on what search terms you are using.

Linking to your website

Both methods essentially bring searchers to specific pages of your website. SEO is very effective for bringing visitors to your home page as it can cover multiple search terms relevant to your business and industry. PPC requires a more specific page to visit as the ads only show for specific terms.

But in saying that you can also get your specific landing pages appear through SEO. This is effective if your business operates in multiple locations as you can optimise it to appear for suburb searches. An example would be a plumbing service in Sydney that has a wide area that they can service. Search terms such as Plumber Sydney, Plumber North Sydney etc. could all be utilised.

Five common diseases in India that the rest of the world considers rare

There are diseases found in India that the outside world considers rare to contract. These diseases are often severe and life-threatening. A worrying statistic by The Organization for Rare Diseases suggests that one in every twenty Indian patients suffer a rare disease in some part of their lives. The problem with rare diseases is that the cure to many of these is unknown or merely undiagnosed.

Here are five diseases in India that aren’t common elsewhere


Thalassemia is a disease that affects the blood. It reduces the production of haemoglobin, a protein that transports oxygen in the blood. Thalassemia in people will result in them feeling anaemic, which results in tiredness and pale skin. Symptoms of Thalassemia include continuous bleeding that wouldn’t stop, easy bruising, stiff or painful joints, and blood in stool or urine.

Thalassemia is usually inherited from a parent, and hence, it can be termed as a genetic disorder. People suffering from Thalassemia may have to transfuse blood regularly.

In India, awareness programs have been conducted to promote premarital screening to detect thalassemia.

Sickle Cell Disease

Another disease that can be inherited from a parent, sickle cell disease commonly affects the haemoglobin to form a sickle-shaped cell in the blood vessel. This disease causes many other diseases as well such as bacterial infections, anaemia or even stroke.

Sickle cell disease can be found in children as young as five months old. This drastically decreases the life expectancy as well.



Haemophilia affects clotting of the blood and is seen more in males. A genetic disorder that is most commonly inherited, haemophilia affects people by being able to easily hurt themselves by bruising, bleeding profusely and a higher risk of bleeding inside the brain.

There are rare cases of the disease where haemophilia can occur during a young or old age because of the clotting factor developing antibodies working against it.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs, kidneys, liver and the pancreas. This is also a genetic disorder. This disease mainly causes breathing difficulty in the long run and also opens your lung to deadly infections due to the frequent buildup of mucus.

Cystic Fibrosis has no known cure, but treatment for the lungs have been developed which are through antibiotics. These antibiotics are either inhaled or given orally.

Pompe Disease

A disease that occurs due to the body’s inability to synthesise a protein that is needed to break glycogen down, Pompe disease, also known as glycogen storage disease type II affects the muscle and causes breathing troubles. It is common among African American and Asian groups.

Pompe disease is also responsible for the damage of nerve cells in the body. This is because of the accumulation of glycogen

Funniest Fitness Trends ever

Well, some of these trends must be something you’ve never even heard of! They probably fizzled out before they could make it to you! These funny fitness trends are something you should actually know – who knows you may like one of them! Read on to know more :

Air shorts:
Let’s start off with the 1970’s! Air shorts was such a funny, yet followed by many fitness trends until it fazed out. Air shorts were a pair of inflatable shorts which had to be put on. How did it help to lose weight – they were very uncomfortable, which made you sweat profusely all day long! And this was supposed to help you knock off those kilos! Not leaving behind the facts that they made you look like an overgrown toddler in oversized diapers!

Prancercise :


If someone remembers Phoebe’s running style in one of the FRIENDS episodes, that’s precisely what we’re talking about! So back in the 1980’s, running (or prancing) around like a horse let loose was an actual trend! You could run around carefree, without bothering about who’s looking and laughing! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? And we’re getting all Phoebe-y vibes!!

Body Blade:
Invented back in the 1990’s, the Body blade is a blade which weighs 1.5 pounds and measures from 2.5 ft to 5 ft. So how does it work? You have to choose the Body blade which suits you and then shake it! While you shake it, your body will shake along with it, the muscle resistance that your body offers will work to tone your body! And why was it weird? Because the shaking Body blades looked like giant insects that don’t know what they’re doing!

Weight loss Sunglasses:
How about running the way your food looks by putting on a pair of blue sunglasses? Well, this trend existed! Imagine wearing typically blue shaded sunglasses so make you eat lesser than you would otherwise. Apparently, the blue colour is supposed to create an illusion which makes the brain averse to the food in front of you. And the strangest part is that people actually bought this trend!

Someone thought – why not infuse weight loss plans with playing card? And the others readily jumped on this “innovative” idea! Deal-a-Meal is nothing but six sets of cards representing one type of food. As you consume that particular type of food, you have to pick that card and place it in an empty box. As soon as you’re done with all the cards, you can no longer eat for the day. Ahem, yes – that’s it! Weird, and funny too!!


Substitute foods to stay fit

Losing weight comes with a lot of sacrifices, isn’t it? Giving up on your favourite food, exercising hard is unavoidable when you’re on that journey to knock off those extra kilos. And we know exactly what you go through in this phase of keeping yourself away from what you love the most! And if you’re a foodie, giving up on those delicacies is next to impossible! So to all such people, we hear you – which is why we have come up with food substitutes which will help you satisfy your cravings and at the same time keep you fit!

Flavoured Oatmeal with Unflavoured oatmeal:

We all know and agree to the fact that oatmeal is a healthy food option. But the ready to make ones that are flavoured are actually loaded with extra calories. So instead of that, you can opt for regular, unflavoured oats which you can add a twist as per your taste! You can make spice up the boring oatmeal with a few chopped nuts, roasted seeds or a drizzle of honey (slight please!)

Cheese with veggies:

While I’m not in favour of replacing whole eggs with only egg whites, you can always spruce up your omelettes with the right ingredients! Replace that grated cheese that you layer your omelette with and add some healthy veggies instead. You can easily opt for vegetables of your choice, but broccoli, mushrooms, any leafy vegetables are great accompaniments to your omelettes. Apart from tasting heavenly, they’re high on nutrition, low on calories and will keep you full for a longer time!

Refined flour with Whole-grain flour:


You should swap this right away! Whole grain flour tastes great and if possible, you must try and make it a part of everything you eat. Whole grain bread, baked chips and cookies and other delicacies that are prepared with whole-grain flour. Ditch refined flour and see the difference yourself!

Fried chips with pop corn:

Pop corn is a perfect solution for all your hunger cravings! And they’re a lot healthier than fried chips! Make sure you don’t flavour it though! Go with classic popcorn and put to rest all those untimely cravings. Fried chips contain uneccesary flavour and oil which add up on those calories. Replace them healthy popcorn and chomp away!

Supermarket chocolate bars with homemade chocolate bars:

being on a diet doesn’t mean you won’t have chocolate cravings, right? For those times when you have to have your dose of chocolate, don’t run to the store to get a box of Ferrero Rocher or a bar of Snickers! Add a few dryfruits and a chocolate chips (preferably dark chocolate) and make your homemade bar of chocolate to snack upon when you have those chocolate cravings!

Hope we helped! Happy dieting!


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