In the field of photovoltaics where home and business owners are looking at methods of improving their solar system performance, one option has emerged as superior.

Conventional or string inverters from Sol Distribution have long been the go-to product of choice for many consumers.

This is not because it manages to optimize the technology to make use of the sunlight it is exposed to, but simply on account of the initial cost and convenience provided by the supplier.

Enter the micro inverter – an innovation that has taken solar energy production to a new level.

This is not a new phenomenon to the industry, yet its rise in popularity has been impossible to ignore.

Here we will outline the benefits of this asset for residential and commercial clients alike, pairing it against string systems that are still circulating in the marketplace.

Quicker Installation Time

On the surface it would appear as though the micro inverter would take longer to install for customers given the extra attention to detail, but that would be a misconception. This installation timeframe might not be a major concern for most clients, but given the time pressures and scheduling hassles that can be prevalent, it does factor into the equation. On average the string systems require upwards of 4.5-5 hours, whilst the micro products can be installed within 3.5 hours.

Safety Concerns

The good news for those who decide to invest their hard earned cash with a micro inverter is that they can take advantage of a safer model. In these settings the DC does not exceed 60 volts, ensuring that any birds, wildlife or individuals who are on the roof won’t be in anywhere near as much danger through a conventional system. Those products can see upwards of 1000 volts channeled through the panels. This creates an extra concern and a genuine hazard should anything or anyone come into direct contact with the item.

Stronger Performance in Shaded Conditions

Shady outdoor conditions can hamper performance when it comes to a solar system, but with a micro inverter this won’t decrease the energy output in the same way. Irrespective if the product has been installed at a tilt angle or in an upright position directed towards the sun, it will produce a higher rate of power. It is impossible to predict the weather or gauge how much external factors will impede the process – and this points to the use of a micro system that is efficient under all conditions.

No Deck of Cards Effect

Under the traditional model, the performance of the lowest operating panel will be replicated amongst every other panel within the entire system. That is a major drag for owners who are affected by dirt, debris, leaves or wildlife on the roof. With the inclusion of the micro inverter solar system, that single panel that is hampered will be entirely isolated from the rest of the items. That ensures that the brand does not suffer from the ‘deck of cards’ effect where one error causes a collapse across the board.

Further Innovations Ahead

One of the real benefits of investing in a micro inverter model for a home or business is the increased levels of innovation and investment from the brands themselves. This would be something of a niche product during the 1990s but as the technology has improved, so to has the demand for Australian clients. String systems won’t disappear overnight but given the vast difference in quality it is a wise investment to choose this brand to make further upgrades an easier process for all parties.


It is always advised to seek out a local supplier for a micro inverter and talk to them about their installation process and the terms and conditions. If it comes attached with a comprehensive warranty and service provisions, it will be a long-term solar asset for the home or business.