For many young professionals eager to score a role for a reputable organisation, there will be a number of options on the table.

Some may involve sacrifice, from travel to time pressures or financial commitments, the equation is rarely simple and straightforward.

One of those options that could present itself is by taking IT internships, the first phase of a long and illustrious career in the world of Information Technology.

Companies and institutions all around Australia and the globe are on the hunt for skilled operators in this diverse field, but it can be difficult for applicants to understand if this is the right calling for them at the right time.

Here we will discuss a series of the most prevalent discussion points that will let you know if interning in this sector is suitable for your future career.


How Much Do You Value Job Security and Financial Earning Power?

Before we delve into the thinking behind IT internships and whether or not they are your ideal starting point, we need to identify two driving forces that defines why people register into these programs in the first phase. It revolves around job security and financial earning power, two elements that sit at the forefront of young interns heading into the world of information technology.

Each and every business sector requires some form of IT to remain open and viable, a facet that is not all that common for many practices in the commercial sphere. This is where the security comes into play because even in the event that one employer ceases a working relationship with you as a professional, multiple other doors are waiting to be opened. The other incentive in this field is the earning power, with Australian industry standards seeing the average IT worker earning between $80,000 to $85,000 per annum.


Can You Commit To The Role?

There are inherent commitments with IT internships that a straightforward full-time role does not have. Without the paycheck of a full-time employee in many instances, you will be required to undertake clerical tasks as you involve yourself in an education to begin with. There is a degree of humility that is evident in these circumstances and it requires an understanding and appreciation of your place in an IT department to start the process of earning a reputation that is valued.

hands on keyboard while coding


Do You Need Industry Contacts?

One of the tangible advantages of signing up to IT internships is that no matter how you perform or how well you adapt to the surroundings, you will open up a contact book of professionals and peers who you can call upon. From commercial clients to executives and members of the hierarchy, every young IT consultant or engineer needs a sounding board to bounce off ideas and to gain momentum as they make career decisions. You would be amazed how far you can progress simply through opening a dialogue with colleagues.


Is Work Flexibility A Major Incentive?

The joy of IT internships is that the practice is varied. From working at a team office centre to operating out of a home office to transporting across the country or overseas to different clients, the description of IT work is a spectrum. There are some roles where individuals feel tied to a desk, but with IT there is a whole world out there where sightseeing, travel and exploration is part and parcel of the job. Consider how much the need for work flexibility is for you.


How Does Your Resume Currently Look?

Young professionals who are emerging from a University course could hold a cynical view of IT internships, but there is no question that employers prefer to read over a resume that has real life experience to compliment theoretical knowledge rather than the qualifications in isolation. To beef up your resume and to have references that can vouch for your expertise and application, an internship from a certified consultancy can genuinely drive your career forward with positive momentum.


Do You Have Other Career Passions?

Expecting a teenager or young 20-something to decide upon their career trajectory for the next 30-40 years is a pressure that many can do without. There is no need to register with IT internships if you believe you have not explored other passions and skills that you feel are more applicable. Once you are settled and assured in your mind that Information Technology can provide the long lasting benefits that other professions cannot, then the path to success and longevity becomes clear.



Should Information Technology be a profession that is appealing to your skills and interests as a career choice, then IT internships operate as an ideal gateway to earning a foothold in the industry. View this program as a starting point to an adventure, because IT will evolve and innovate as well as any other commercial or public sector in the world.

Who knows, maybe it will be you driving the change.