Issues with mental health affects millions of people around the world. For children, it can be particularly difficult to manage because they are not always able to articulate how they are feeling or what triggers their symptoms. This has led many parents and educators to look for calming toys for anxiety as an alternative way to help kids feel better in times of stress.

In an age where medications are looked at as a first resort instead of a last resort, it’s vital to explore alternative options that don’t have to rely on chemical dependence for results. There are dedicated companies that produce nurturing products like weighted blankets and stuffed animals with embedded technology that helps release serotonin while also reducing cortisol levels after periods of high stress.

These calming toys for anxiety have been gaining traction in recent years, but more importantly it’s important we start celebrating this sustainable and safe means of reducing negative emotions and improve overall focus without needing a dependence on medication.

The Psychology Behind It

Calming toys for anxiety actually have an element of psychology behind them. The psychologically sound technology embedded in these stuffed animals and weighted blankets helps reduce cortisol levels. The calming toys for anxiety are also supposed to help improve focus, which is beneficial for children who may struggle with ADHD or other similar issues.

By using calming toys for anxiety like this, we can see a decrease in the amount of medication taken and an improvement on overall wellness. It should be noted that there isn’t enough medical evidence behind these products yet, but it’s still an interesting trend worth looking into, nonetheless.

Common Sources Of Stress In Children

The rise of calming toys for anxiety has led many to start considering potential sources of stress for children. This is understandable, as there are many different factors that can lead to stress in children.

There have always been mitigating factors that can potentially contribute to higher levels of stress in our youth. However, modern society seems to perpetuate some of these factors into the larger-scale issues that are becoming more prominent and thus, making calming toys for anxiety more prevalent.

These include:

Changes at school due to bullying

The loss of a loved one (e.g., pet)

Relationship issues between parents/siblings etc.

All of these are worth considering if you’re looking into calming toys for anxiety because knowing what’s causing your child’s stress is important when deciding on how best to help them manage their problems and improve mental health overall.

Reducing The Stigma

Calming toys for anxiety could almost become an essential part of modern life if we continue to reduce the stigma around mental health issues and help to improve the overall quality of life through means other than pharmaceuticals. By introducing children to the concept of not always having to be okay is a healthy mindset in this day and age, and one that can be encouraged with a considered and learned approach.

For many children, the oversaturation of stimuli can often distract from self-reflection and feeling a sense of calm in one’s own mind. Calming toys for anxiety allow for a healthy outlet and means of expression for children and parents to explore the concepts and feelings associated with mental health and reduce the stigma by encouraging honest and open conversation.

Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health is no small feat, compiling that with the added goal of reducing dependence on medications in our youth is an even taller order. While the science is still out surrounding the overall efficacy of these products in the long run, the conversational openings afforded by calming toys for anxiety are simply too inspiring to ignore.