With technology advancing, more and more industries are changing, harnessing the power of new inventions to become more efficient and effective. One example of this is the healthcare industry. Traditionally, you would have to wait long hours to see a doctor.

Today, there are online booking systems which make the process faster, or even better – online services which provide a doctor on demand. While these technologies cannot fully replace seeing a general practitioner face-to-face, in some situations, it’s the perfect time-efficient solution.

By connecting you to a general practitioner through video call, this service has the potential to make a world of difference when it comes to referrals and treatments. Keep reading to find out some key situations where getting doctor on demand is extremely helpful!


Getting a prescription

Traditionally, you would have to schedule in an appointment at the health centre and attend physically before getting a prescription and being able to pick it up at your local pharmacy.

By using a doctor on demand service, you can get an ePrescription without even leaving your house! This speeds up the process significantly. Whether you need a new prescription or want one renewed, this can be done over video call so that you can head straight to the pharmacy.


Obtaining a referral

Needing a referral for a specialist is another situation where a doctor on demand service comes in incredibly useful. Instead of having to go to the health centre simply to be referred to another location for specialist, you may be able to get a specialist referral from the comfort of your home.

Whether it’s a pathology request or a radiology request, your doctor on demand can simply refer you to another centre so that you can head straight there to do your tests.

This is also helpful if you are concerned about STDs and your sexual health, as your doctor can point you towards a clinic that can help to test you.

Doctor Checking Patient's Blood Pressure


Medical certificate

If you’re feeling unwell and know that rest is necessary to recover, but need a medical certificate to present to work, this doctor on demand service is perfect.

By using video calling technology, your doctor can check up on you and provide you with an electronic certificate so that you can rest comfortably. This is beneficial to your recovery as being forced to get out of bed and drive or commute to your nearest centre is simply inefficient and prevents you from resting.

You’ll get the advice you need about what to avoid and what to eat from the comfort of your home. This significantly reduces the trouble you need to go through.


Quick advice

If you’re looking for reliable and quick medical advice, calling a doctor on demand may be your best bet. Especially if it is late at night or your closest GPs have appointments booked out.

With booking systems coming in, it can be hard to secure an appointment at a nearby hour. If you really feel as if you need medical advice, calling a doctor on demand is a good option. However, if it is an emergency, you should definitely call emergency services!

If you just want some quick advice for reassurance or a mild sickness, this service is a great choice. You won’t have to leave your house and you’ll be matched with a general practitioner who can help you out.

You would normally have to physically travel to a general practitioner to obtain referrals and certificates, but the invention of new technologies can changed that. Such initiatives take the strain off traditional medical centres and help the health system!