Laser cutting in Australia is the technique of using a non- contact light beam in order to slice through materials. The technology results in precise and accurate divisions and is known for its high quality.

Whilst the process began as a manufacturing tool, the advancements in technology and developments in the machines used have made the technique much more accessible. Due to this, many people interested in crafts or DIY are opting to buy their own laser cutter in Australia.

There are almost endless options in terms of what you can design and create using this technique, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Regardless of if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of ideas for you to make at home.

Keep reading to find out some of the best DIY laser cutting in Australia ideas to get your creative juices flowing!



If you want to start with a small DIY project and create something that will come in useful around the house, a great option is coasters. The great thing about creating coasters is that they are small, so if you want to begin with a little project, this is perfect for you.

In order to create coasters, all you will need to do is choose the laser cutter in Australia friendly material you would like to use then decide on the size, shape and design.

Coasters are brilliant because you can make them as simple or a complex as you like; beginners can start with a simple design, or experts can create intricate patterns.

laser cutter machine

Some great coaster designs include:



One of the most widely made laser cut in Australia items is jewellery. People seem to love the idea of creating something that they can actually wear or see on their family and friends.

It is possible to make virtually any type of jewelry you choose, from earrings, necklaces bracelets and rings. When it comes to making jewelry, the sky’s the limit, you really can get creative. Some popular choices for using this technique to create jewellery include geometric patterned pieces and chevrons.

Arguably the best materials to create jewellery with are:

  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Metal



If you are looking for another little project that will also be useful, consider making bookmarks. Bookmarks make great stocking fillers or presents for your bibliophile friends.

Many bookmarks are made from leather, but laser cutting in Australia gives you the opportunity to work with a range of other materials. Think beautiful wooden bookmarks, or sleek and contemporary thin metal bookmarks.

Let your creativity run wild and be inspired by the things you love or the things the people in your life love. These items can be as cute and simple as animal designs, as intricate as delicate patterns or as unique as written quotes. The options really are endless.


Wall art

It’s important to remember that laser cutting in Australia doesn’t always have to be practical; it can be an artform used to create beautiful pieces. If you are feeling inspired, and have a free space on your wall, why don’t you consider making some wall art?

This project is purely decorative, meaning you are free to experiment and use a range of techniques and materials to create something unique. Something about the item not having a practical use will allow you to get really creative and make something beautiful.

The options really are endless when it comes to utilizing the technique at home. The fun comes with creating unique and personalized pieces that will look beautiful in your home.