Whether it’s filling the tackle box with fishing gear that you’ll never use or putting a bull bar on your four wheel drive that never leaves the big smoke let alone goes off-road, we’ve all been guilty of that kind of excess at some point or another. And that is why trying out a tent hire is the smart way to go for your next outdoor adventure.

Outdoors is the new indoors thanks to ‘Glamping’

Ever spent hours on end scrolling through affordable motels and online ads looking for that accommodation that fits your family needs or your budget only to arrive and it is nothing like you imagined let alone how the pictures looked online?

It starts your holiday off on the wrong foot and that is the last thing you need after all those long months of toil on the tools or behind the desk in the office.

With camping, it is almost impossible to go wrong.

Pick out a spot by a tranquil fishing hole, or a caravan park by the beach. Maybe you are the hiking type and enjoy the crisp clean mountain air? Whatever way you choose, by hiring a tent it is hard to go wrong.

Modern tents are easy to erect and come with almost foolproof instructions which make it even easier than putting together kids play sets or flat-pack furniture together.

Whether you are looking for a simple two man tent for you and your four-legged friend to bunker down in after a long day fishing and playing fetch on the beach, need something a bit more spacious for your growing family, or want something luxurious to impress your better half on a romantic getaway, there is a modern tent for hire that can suit all your needs.

Don’t worry about mouldy tents liners or missing tent pegs anymore

Aside from an undersized motel with a squeaky bed, I doubt there is anything worse than pulling your tent out of its cover once you arrive on site, only to find all those months, or years even, that it has been locked away in the attic in storage have left it smelling of must and covered in mold. Or even worse still, you finally get your old and difficult to erect tent ready to be pegged down and find you left half the pegs in the ground at your old campsite.

By hiring a tent you reduce your last-minute outlay on something you might never use again for another decade and have money to spend on all that fun stuff for your holiday such as a chiller to keep your drinks cold, ice cream for the kids or even a new fishing rod! And you know you are getting a modern, easy to assemble, quality tent with all its fixtures in place which will see you have it up in no time at all which means you’ll have more time to do all that fun stuff you had planned on your holiday. Like seeing to the contents of that chiller, and giving the new fishing rod a cast.

Hiring a tent is the smart way to holiday

Whether you are a snappy single, a working couple or a growing family, there is no sense in wasting valuable storage space on an item you might only use a couple of times a year at best.

And there is no sense in compromising by purchasing a second-rate tent you aren’t going to feel safe and comfortable in.

Tent hire gives you affordable access to great quality camping equipment which is the right way to spend your next well earned getaway.