Wondering what you can expect from Sydney family law firms? They often specialise in a range of different types of services and can help with you with a diverse range of matters related to family. You might for example ask them for assistance with matters related to divorce, child custody, grandparents’ rights, family disputes, and much more.

The majority of Sydney family law firms will focus on helping with divorce matters. They’ll usually provide services where they will counsel their clients on how best to proceed with their divorce and ensure that their interests are represented. In simple cases, this might only involve the Sydney family law firm arranging for the correct legal documents to be filed so that the divorce can proceed. In other cases, it might involve the Sydney law firm advocating on their clients’ behalf to ensure their interests are put forward. In certain cases, often when child custody is involved, matters might proceed to court.

What questions should you ask them?

If you’re planning to hire a Sydney family law firm then you should ensure that you ask them plenty of questions. This will help you to make sure they are the right fit. There are a lot of Sydney family law firms out there to choose from, but not all of them will be the right choice for you. Some firms will focus more on certain areas of the law than others, and many lawyers will specialise in a specific area of their field. If you’re bringing a matter forward that relates to child custody for example, then you don’t want to choose a lawyer whose specialty is something else. For this reason, the first question you should ask potential lawyers is about what type of law they practice and how long they have been practicing.

Next, you should speak to them about whether or not they have handled any past cases similar to yours. Previous experience in a similar case will give you a good indication of what kind of outcome to expect and how your lawyer works.

Sydney family law expert meeting a client

You should also ask them about their fees as this can often be a big determinant over whether or not you go ahead with their services. Different Sydney law firms will not only charge different fees but will also use different methods of managing those fees. They might for example work on retainer, or they may agree to work on contingency. You should speak to them to figure what the best outcome for your needs will be.

You should also ask them about whether or not they have any positive clients reviews to share with you, as this can give you a really good indication as to whether or not they’ll be good to work with. Firms with lots of glowing reviews and client testimonials are much more likely to have good customer service and will more likely achieve a better outcome for you than options with lots of negative feedback.

What to expect from them?

When you initially sit down for a meeting with a Sydney family law firm, you can usually expect that they will want to hear about the details of your case before discussing how they might approach and handle the matter. They might discuss any questions you have. Whilst they work on your matter you should likely expect that you will need to provide some details and documents. Many firms are very busy but you should expect them to be responsive to your questions and calls. If they don’t call you back, consider using a different firm.