There are a great number and wide range of recorded crimes in New South Wales each year, many of which culminate in court proceedings and the employment of criminal lawyers in Sydney.

Unfortunately, there will always be crime. And where there is crime, there is a demand for legal objectivity, expertise and experience.

The benefits of forging a career as a legal practitioner alongside other criminal lawyers in Sydney to supply for this demand are profuse, and it is certainly a smart and sustainable career option worthy of consideration.

The role of a legal practitioner takes great skill and is very important to the functioning of society. There is a lot of work involved, but the benefits are substantial and proportional to effort put in.

If you are considering joining criminal lawyers in Sydney, then there are a number of steps to complete before you can evolve into a fully-flourished convincing legal whizz. Or, if you’ve watched so much Breaking Bad and you now idolize Saul Goodman, these steps will also help you decide if you want to take this interest to a more formal and serious level.


Make certain of your aspiration

First and foremost, it is paramount to decide if you would like to have a career in the legal industry. Wanting to be Saul Goodman is a natural impulsive reaction felt by anyone who has watched the televised rise of the smooth talking fictional character; but don’t let this be the reason you sign yourself up for a similar career. Instead, let’s consider this career option on a more serious level.

If you like working with people; if arguing and debating is your passion; if you always seek truth, ethics and justice; if understanding reasons behind human behavior interests you; and if you want to contribute meaningfully to society by upholding its rules and striving for justice, then a career alongside criminal lawyers in Sydney could be for you.

In case you are still on the fence, considering the benefits of a career in the legal world can help consolidate your view. Firstly, criminal lawyers in Sydney have a lot of prestige and most earn higher salaries than the national average. Moreover, given that there will always be a need for people in positions of legal authority and that there are a wealth of potential employers in this field, investments during the process of working towards achieving legal qualifications are overshadowed when the potential duration of a resulting career is considered. Literally, you could be one of the active criminal lawyers in Sydney for the rest of your working life.

By now you should have a clear idea of the importance of criminal lawyers in Sydney, the benefits they receive and reasons why it would be a smart and sustainable career choice.

If that has been enough to tempt you, or perhaps you were already tempted, into considering this career, then below is how you can realise your aspiration. Warning: this career path requires a large dose of time and financial capital. It is important to be aware of this before making the commitment; but the old adage of good things come to those who work hard is reflected in the benefits of a career in the legal realm.


Go to university

Go through the socially and intellectually challenging venture that is university to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Law, which will give you a comprehensive grounding in the theoretical dimension of the subject.

Now, university is a big commitment. It will involve a lot of reading, endless days and nights, perhaps even sleepovers, in the library; so it is worth thinking deeply about before making a commitment.

You can’t skip this step, either; a Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to qualify for Practical Legal Training – which brings us to the next lily pad.


Practical Legal Training

More studying – I told you the route to becoming a legal practitioner is a long and meandering road. Once you’ve busted a gut for a few years at university – meanwhile hopefully having the best time of your life – to get your Bachelor degree, you then need to go to Law School to complete the Practical Legal Training (PLT) program. This course will give you the more practical skills required of a career alongside criminal lawyers in Sydney.

It’s important to note that once graduated from university, you have 5 years to complete a PLT otherwise it won’t be recognized. Don’t let all that studying gain no recognition!


Stand out from the crowd

Bachelor’s degrees can seem like they grow on trees because so many more graduates have them today than in the past due to the rising number of university admissions. Furthermore, the graduate market is densely populated, with more qualified people than companies offering jobs.

Graduating from university and PLT will not guarantee you your desired job anymore, unfortunately, as the sobering stories of many have revealed.

Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to establish distance between you and the competition – in a good way.

Independently arranging and undertaking an internship with criminal lawyers in Sydney is one such way that you can do this. It highlights your passion for the role and can help you decide which firm you would like to work for in the future.


Fit and Proper

The final hurdle to clear before you can officially join criminal lawyers in Sydney is to do with ethics. You need to be deemed a fit and proper person for the role (i.e. of good moral character) by the Legal Profession Admission Board.  This involves disclosing any type of misconduct that could affect judgements of properness.