If you have been conversant with painting, you will agree that a paint roller tray is an excellent reservoir for paint. Just like some other painting equipment, there are only a few alternatives, as this tool seamlessly helps load your brushes and roller with a substantial amount of paint. It is convenient to use as well and suitable for professionals and DIYers. This article focuses on essential questions people often ask about a paint roller tray. Follow closely. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I reuse my roller tray? 

The answer is straightforward, yes. A paint roller tray can be easily cleaned such that it does not get messy. The reason is that the tray has a liner. However, it would be best if you did not reuse a tray liner that is bent or has dried the paint up. Tray liners eliminate the need for soap, water, a power washer, or a paint thinner to clean a paint tray. 

  1. How long can I leave some paint in my paint tray? 

It is possible that you are not able to complete all your painting projects within a day. As a result, you may need to leave some paint in the paint tray. Nevertheless, do not let the paint sit beyond two days. The same rule can apply to your paintbrush or paint roller tray – and you can keep them in a suitably sized airtight bag.

Please do not bring them out until there is a need to continue your project. 

  1. Can I line my tray with a foil? 

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, you can line the tray with foil before filling it with paint. Use wide foil for a larger tray. Use your fingernails to conform the foil to the inner part of the tray. However, be careful as your nail can puncture the foil. 

  1. How often do I have to wash my paint tray or paint roller tray? 

Using a quality roller can be between 4 to 5 cycles before it begins to shed. Also, you can use it again after you have used the tray the first time – this does not affect the quality of the paint. In as much as your tray is always clean, and you store it in a cool place, you can always clean after the 5th use. 

  1. What causes paint boogers? 

Paint boggers are a result of drying up and coagulation of paint. This can occur on the lid or sides of the can. They can also form around the paint roller tray and leave flecks whenever you have to use the paint. Hence, it is always best to remove boogers. 

  1. How big should my paint tray be? 

A standard paint roller tray can be about 7 inches or 9 inches. The 9 inches is the better option as it will serve the purpose of a seven inched tray. They are often made from plastic or aluminium.


How long and well your paint roller tray serves you is largely determined by how well you maintain it. We hope to have answered all the questions you’ve got regarding this important tool for painting.