There is no one-size-fits-all criminal lawyers from Melbourne who will deliver the same outcome from case to case.

These professionals arrive to firms strewn across the city equipped with their own unique set of skills and experiences that will shape how their represent their clientele in a court of law.

From hard as nail prosecutors who continue to look for convictions to defendants that will seek to hold the advantage of reasonable doubt that their client is owed, there are characteristics that overlap between the two.

Here we will discuss what those happen to be and help you to gauge whether or not the lawyer is upholding their end of the bargain.


Knowledge of the Law and the Facts

To practice as one of the criminal lawyers from Melbourne, you must be aware of the law and the facts of the case. Having passed law school simply offers a professional an entry into the field but it does not guarantee success. To help an individual with the consequences of a charge, they must be able to obtain the relevant research and cite them as facts. From eyewitness testimony to DNA samples, documentation and character references, there will be a multitude of strategies that the representative can utilise.


Covering All Logistical Details

Whilst we would like to think of a criminal lawyer from Melbourne arguing and performing in a courtroom, the reality is that these professionals have to carry out a lot of mundane tasks. This is to cover all of their bases, handing in court filings and documents within the specified windows, turning up to hearings, negotiating with law enforcement and conducting research activities. These small details behind the scenes won’t stand out, but the quiet achievers are usually the most effective.


Great Communicator

Without clear and coherent communication, a criminal lawyer from Melbourne has no chance of success. This is a part of the job that underpins every other activity, outlining to the judge, jury, opposing jury and client what the position is and how the evidence supports that argument. Solicitors that struggle to communicate do not last long in this role and particularly in an environment as competitive as Melbourne, a lack of clarity erodes a relationship between counsel and gives the opposition a straightforward advantage to leverage that weakness. Calls and messages between representative and client should be answered promptly.


Strong Public Advocate For Your Position

As a client who is sitting on one side of the counsel, whether that be with the prosecution hoping for a conviction or the defence wishing for an acquittal, a criminal lawyer from Melbourne must advocate the position with strength and authority. This is irrespective of whether or not they believe their party is in the right with their position because their duty is to represent their interests. Such strength will be showcased before a judge, jury, hearing panel and opposing counsel, even if doubts and concerns are expressed behind closed doors during consultation.


Considers Financial Costs and Implications

A criminal lawyer from Melbourne should not wish to expedite a case simply because you are short on cash. Time and diligence is necessary to ensure that a conviction is upheld for the prosecution or the charges are waved for the defence. However, one of the key characteristics that should be showcased is a transparency and flexibility to manage the client’s costs as well as humanly possible. There are different means of billing an individual in the city from a flat fee to hourly rate, or from a result-oriented agreement to a pro bono case (a rare occurrence). Outside of millionaires and multinational corporations, there are few parties who can afford a lengthy legal conflict, so this should be a consideration that is given priority.