Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown face challenges every day.

They might come as part and parcel of the job, or from scrutiny outside.

Whatever the case may be, understanding these issues from the perspective of the client can help all parties in establishing a healthy professional relationship.

Here we will examine what they are.


Outside Perception About Role and Motives

People have probably seen enough movies and television programs to create their own interpretation about the justice system and the role of criminal lawyers in Campbelltown. For a location in South-West Sydney where dealing with crime can be a hot button topic of discussion, the perception around a legal representative can be split depending on who is asked. From local residents in low economic areas that believe these professionals liaise with law enforcement and adhere to their biding, to victims of crime who take the cynical view that they will gladly protect a guilty party if it means a guaranteed paycheck. This interpretation is an ongoing challenge because it speaks not only to their competency, but credibility and motives.


Work-Life Balance

There are stories of criminal lawyers in Campbelltown working anywhere from 70 to 80-hour work weeks, encompassing 7 days of the week where early mornings and late nights become part of the routine. For those firms who can well and truly compensate their team of professionals, it is fair to argue that this is the compromise they have agreed upon. However, the tasks that have to be conducted from research and the filing of paperwork to speaking with judges and law enforcement officials makes for a rigorous and draining schedule, leaving some clients vulnerable to oversight if they are fatigued and under-resourced.


Public Desire To Attribute Guilt

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown who are in the position to defend their client and force the opposing counsel to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt still have an intangible challenge that is hard to quantify. In horrific examples where a rape, assault or murder was committed, or there was significant negligence that led to a robbery or fraud, a desire is there to see the party charged with the crime convicted on all counts. Once law enforcement has the grounds to reach this juncture, why should a jury of their peers find them innocent? This is a major challenge that must be calculated into the equation because, for all of the talk of beyond a reasonable doubt, there is also a trust in the judgment of law enforcement officials who help to file the charges.


Competition in the Industry

The area of South-West Sydney is ripe for solicitors to maximize their client base and build a strong foothold in the industry. Yet with that opportunity for criminal lawyers in Campbelltown to make a name for themselves comes the downside of strong competition. The nature of the profession makes it ideal for those practitioners who want to pick up and head to this part of the city. From interstate firms in Western Australian, Queensland and Victoria to representatives based overseas seeking new opportunities and emerging professionals from Western Sydney University and the University of Sydney Law School, there is healthy competition arriving from all angles. This can force solicitors to seek cases that offer little dividends or incentives, even if the representation is in the public’s interests.


Trauma and Mental Health Issues

At the end of the day criminal lawyers in Campbelltown are still people. When it comes to cases that revolve around domestic abuse, violence and death, there is a degree of fortitude and mental strength required to carry out the mundane tasks revolving around such a tense and fraught environment. This is a role and position they have voluntarily studied for, so it should be part and parcel of the job description. However, there is no training that can prepare individuals for delving into the most disturbed elements of society.