The cost of complete bathroom renovations is second only to the cost of remodelling a kitchen.

As soon as you take into account everything that goes into complete bathroom renovations, it’s simple to understand how rapidly the prices may spiral out of control. It’s crucial to plan and budget for complete bathroom renovations since there are so many different parts and professions involved.

Here’s a checklist to help you arrange the layout, utilities, and storage in a way that’s both elegant and useful, regardless of your budget.


Bathtubs are often a major part of complete bathroom renovations. As soon as you have a chance to soak, you want to make the most of it.

Inset bathtubs are a more traditional-looking bath that sits on top of a tiled hob. At the beginning of the range, about $120.

Mid-range: Many inset bathtubs are moulded in sleek, contemporary designs for a more sophisticated appearance. Depending on the model, prices range from $330 to $700.

If you have the space, a standalone bathtub is a great option. A wide range of styles and materials are available, including acrylic, resin, stone, and metal. You might end yourself paying out as much as $800 or more.


Depending on the quality and design, toilets may cost a lot or a little, but these are one of the fundamentals in complete bathroom renovations.

PVC apron separating cistern and pan in a basic link suite is an option for those who want to keep costs down. One may be purchased for less than $150.

The cistern fits immediately on top of the pan in a close-coupled suite, creating a cleaner aesthetic. Water connections are hidden behind a wall-faced suite, giving the bathroom a sleek and contemporary appearance that is also simple to keep clean.

Choosing a hidden or in-wall toilet, where the cistern is constructed into a wall hollow, will give your bathroom a high-end aesthetic. It’s also possible to make it levitate above the ground.


Complete bathroom renovations

The jewellery of the ensemble, bathroom tapware may make or break the décor of a bathroom.

There are three parts to a traditional faucet: a hot, a cold, and a spout. Mixers, which have a more contemporary design, are what I like.

I recommend purchasing high-quality wall-mounted mixer taps, since replacing them may need the removal of tiles, which may be expensive. You’ll have to fork up the following:

For the most part, there are four different types of basins.

Small bathrooms with limited space might benefit from wall-mounted basins. Typically, there is no room for additional storage. The bowl of a semi-recessed sink sits forwards because of the sink’s partial recessing. To make the most of a small floorplan, these devices are often used. The vanity top is elevated above the basins in these units. Depending on the intended aesthetic, some are taller and others are slimmer. Undermount basins are installed under the countertop.

Complete bathroom renovations or budget makeover?

There are several ways to do complete bathroom renovations or just minor updates without having to spend a fortune:


The style of your complete bathroom renovations should complement your home’s architecture and decor. The least costly and safest option is plain ceramic tile. Colourful or patterned tiles may make a statement, but they can also be expensive. Feature mosaics may be eye-catching, but since they are priced per sheet rather than per square metre, a shower’s back wall can be expensive.


It’s critical to plan a bathroom layout that makes the most of the limited space. A more practical arrangement and the ability to have a separate bath and shower may be gained by moving the plumbing around.