Among all the football history in the world, the Australian football has certain specialties and particularities in many aspects. It predates many other football games which are modern since the Australian football was the forts to make a code. Thus the rules and norms of playing the Australian football have the age of the introduction of football in the country. Thus it is so clear that the authenticity and quality of the football history is always high. Let us look into the deeper areas of Australian football by starting from the history and development.

In the year of 1850s, The Australian football was invented in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. That time the play was termed in relation to the places Melbourne and Victoria. It is so important to be noted about the rules that the administrators combined the rules of the existing football rules of various public schools- English in the country. This type of football was also known as Australian Rules football in that period. But it is a common fact that the most popular competition of the sports is another one in terms to the coverage by television and attendance.

The initial stage of the Australian football was in Melbourne on the riches of gold rush happened in 1850s. Later on the cricket was emerged to the extent of a summer spot. Since there were seasonal variations and many people especially, Thomas Wentworth wills got concerned about the fitness in the off season. Thus he considered football as a solution for the fitness in the time of winter. This was the first serious though about the football. Later on the club for the football was also formed to make the teammates connected and coordinated in order to follow the games in a regular manner.

But the standardization of the codes of the play football was not happened at that time. Each of the teams and players played the football in such a way which they have seen and played before. This is was a severe drawback of the game which prevented the players form continuing it. Thus a committee was appointed for the same purpose of setting certain rules for the players so that there will be regular playing and entertainment from it. As a result of this, many other football clubs were also formed which includes the Geelong club of football in 1859 and Melbourne club of football in 1858.

These two abovementioned football clubs are two of the oddest football clubs in the world itself. After the compromise with several English public schools, the rules were standardized. The rules were accepted by each clubs and also there were certain Norma about the speed which has to be maintained by the players. Leather in 1866 the rules were rewrote by H C a Harrison.

The football is one of the common games in the world and Australian football has the longest history than any other football origins as you can see in NRL. The Australian football came through many shaping and molding so far.